Cape Cod Lyft Rates

There is a single car service available with Lyft in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Initial cost: $3
Service fee: $1.55
Price per minute: $0.25
Price per mile: $1.93
Minimum fare: $7
Maximum fare: $200
Cancellation fee: $10
- Scheduled Rides: $10

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There have been 7 changes to pricing/services for Cape Cod since 4/20/16:

#Change When
1Standard minimum ride cost increased from $5 to $7 ($2 higher)7/1/2016
2Standard initial ride cost raised from $2.50 to $3 ($0.50 increase)7/1/2016
3Standard cancellation fee increased from $5 to $10 ($5 higher)6/6/2016
4Standard price per mile increased from $1.90 to $1.93 ($0.03 higher)5/26/2016
5New car option! Plus is now available in Cape Cod4/20/2016
6New car option! Standard is now available in Cape Cod4/20/2016
7NEW! Cape Cod is the newest city to welcome Lyft!4/20/2016