Scheduling A Lyft Ride

Book Rides Up-To A Week In Advance

Using the Lyft app to book a future ride!
  • You can now schedule future rides up to 1 week in advance
  • Changes/cancellations can be made up to 30min before pickup
  • Get peace of mind knowing your ride situation is taken care of
  • Was thoroughly beta tested by the San Francisco Lyft market
  • Now it's finally rolling out to the rest of the country!
Surely You've Been There

Everyone has experienced those situations where your transportation was critical but you'll be too busy/groggy/otherwise distracted to make sure you get picked up in time to get where you need to be!

For example: You have to make an early morning flight when your friends & family are sleeping or at work... or you're positive that rides will be near impossible to hail at a certain day/time, but you'll be needing one regardless! (Did someone say New Years?!)

Ride Reservations Made Easy

Riders! You are now able to reserve Lyft or Lyft Plus car services through the app in basically the same way you currently hail rides, only now you'll see an additional option to pick a specific time within the next 7 days for the driver to arrive at your pickup location.

Lots can change in a week! So if your plans fall through or you need to modify the pickup time or location, you can easily do so through the app - up until you're within 30 minutes of the set arrival time.

After months of extensive beta testing in the San Francisco market, ironing out the kinks and making necessary adjustments, this wonderful new feature is now rolling out in the rest of the country - so go take a peek!